Class Summary
AbstractModule Jar file module
BulkDeploy This class deploys all URL (URIs) given in specified file.
DeploymentDirectoryModule This module scans given URL for changes and then deploys/undeploys/redeploys modules added/removed/changed to it.
DeploymentDirectoryModuleLoader This module loader accepts only directories on the filesystem (file://) and returns DeploymentDirectoryModule.
DirectoryModule This module represents a directory.
DirectoryModuleLoader This module loader provides directories from the file system (URL with "file:" as a protocol) that are without an extension.
JarModule Jar file module
JarModuleLoader Module loader that loads one jar only
ModuleClassLoader Class loader for Module.
ProvisionalModule This class is used as a placeholder for a module that is to be deployed in near future.
RedeployURLScanner This class scanns for list of URLs at intervals defined in scheduler and checks if there are changes.
RedeployURLScanner.URLDetails Internal representation of URL details
UnknownLoaderModule This represents module of an URL that doesn't have known module loader

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